Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't know if it's strictly a Seattle thing, but every day I look through Craigslist, I see someone requesting free services. Whether someone wants a band to play for that private party but can't afford to pay them, a venue wants a band to "audition" for 3 hours, or someone is looking for free wedding pictures (I $hit you not), Craigslist is full of moochers that apparently are also suffering from the economic downturn. (ooh oooh. . I forgot to mention that most of these people promise to give great recommendations, reviews, or exposure to the said "server")

This is my latest contribution to Craigslist.

Can anyone help me out?

I am a full-time professional performer (that means I get PAID and MAKE A LIVING for the work that I do. . . ) but due to the recent craigslist phenomena of people asking for free services (and my fellow performers actually DOING it) I have fallen on some hard times. You see, there is not quite enough paid work to go around, and since there are several artists out there diminishing the integrity and pay scale of all local performers, I am finding it difficult to pay the bills.

So I've decided to ask you craigslist people, so obsessed with free stuff, to send some my way.

Here are a few things I really need, but cannot pay for. . .

a haircut



dog food

wall art



Don't forget. . . anyone who is able donate their time to me will get great exposure, a stellar revue on yelp, and ridiculed in my blog.

Thank you.

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