Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missed connectionS

My high school choir director once explained why there are so few love songs. He said when you're in love, you're out being happy... Loving... In the sun. The tortured soul is not tortured and therefore has no inspiration to write.
That's how I feel about Seattle summers. Hence the reason I haven't written in a while.
I've tried to be good about soaking up the summer... Relishing in the fact that for a few short months, I don't have to take vitamin D supplements. And even though I knew the Seattle DEATH was coming, I tried not to think about it.
Well it's here, and now I have to think about it.
I still struggle with the Seattle mentality every day. Wearing sweats and flip-flops in public, taking ones time crossing the street, crazy stupid drunk people in Belltown... And while I'm starting to get used to it, I in no way understand it or feel at home here.
So I put my energy and effort into making good use of my time here. Teaching. Gigging. Singing. Making connections as much as I can... Although how does one make connections whilst being self-employed?
I keep getting frustrated at the fact that I don't get featured in the stranger... Or in Capitol hill blog.... But, I work out of my home, and hardly have time to leave!
So this is the dilemma of the winter... Always.... Get out.
Anyway... If you know anybody I should know, let me know :)


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    1. sorry.. >,< I posted my e-mail.. didn't know it would automatically show up with a link to my page.. ^_^

  2. I know someone you should know.. her name is Victoria.. I am not at liberty to tell you much more about her name.. but I can tell you this.. she is into photography and modeling.. maybe you and her can both get more connections.. any way... just a thought.. ^_^ let me know.